Peer-Reviewed Articles

Basic Tree Risk Assessment–ISA CEU article: Comprehensive examination + objective analysis = defendable solutions.  Start by inspecting the facts about the tree.

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DD LLL 1406

Standard Flare and Trunk Care AA OCT-NOV 2015

Regenerating AA 1504

Standard Tree Inspection 1508


Dendro 1008 Lost Laurels #10 in the series

Detective Dendro – The Case of the Ill Illinoinensis  #6 in the series

Detective Dendro – The Case of the Fearsome Fossil

Restoring Trees One Branch at a Time Sustainable crown management for damaged trees

Trees, People, & Ecosystems – ISA CEU Practicing Plant Health Care  Site management and client relationships, written with and for arborists

Preserving the Grandeur

Mike O’Ryza and the Case of the Vexing View Part 1

After the Storm Heading for better form by cutting at nodes, concentrations of vitality

Selective Heading Cuts After Storm Damage revised for Arborist News

Battling Bolts from the Blue Detective Dendro #14, appraising insured lightning damage

Severing Subterranean Stranglers: A Protocol for Managing Stem-Girdling Roots

Goodbye to a Giant  An learning experience with an older tree

Due Care Anonymized Municipal standard of care, and sidewalk repair

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