Putting NERC to Work: Standard Utility Pruning

Trees under transmission lines get pruned.  Like the old days  By the books:


Branch tips were sizzling in contact with the transmission wires when the wind blew.

Metasequoia, bought for $1500 and planted 18 years before.  Owner chose not to allow utility to remove it.  He hired an arboristt.  The arborist pruned the tree.










After pruning, south view.






After pruning, looking up!






IMG_2582Some branches remained under the lines.







Sealing the 4″ cut on top.




IMG_2577Reducing sprawl reduces sway.






449Pruned to allow 10′ sag, 5′ sway.






IMG_4055Interpreting the A300- and NERC-compliant pruning process for the utility’s attorney.

Author: Guy Meilleur


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