Paying for Careless Tree Removal

This tree had small infections that were structurally insignificant.  The diagnosis was ‘growing decline’, but there was no documentation to support this opinion, or the recommendation to remove the tree.  Was this assessment compliant with industry standards?

It was far from the power lines, yet the power company targeted it for removal.

Ownership was never verified, yet the crew cut it down.   Is it time for a consulting arborist to appraise the loss of benefits from the taking of this private property?

Author: Guy Meilleur


2 thoughts on “Paying for Careless Tree Removal”

  1. The damage can easily be calculated by the tree’s value, added with root removal and replanting a new tree – please of an totally different sprecies because of natural soil problems.

  2. How do you calculate tree value? In SE I saw Helliwell’s formula used. Here it’s Trunk Formula, or Cost of Cure.
    I agree with you but I am not so sure about the “easily” part…

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