Managing Veteran Trees: A Comprehensive Approach

After presentations in Singapore and Brisbane, I promised to list references.  Time to deliver!  I have tried to categorise the below listing in a logical fashion, but I probably failed.  Anyway please contact me if you don’t find what you need.

Maybe I can find it, maybe I can point to it, or maybe we’ll just wonder at the marvelous strategies adopted by veteran trees as they adapt to  changes in their environment.


A look at tools and techniques:  PolePruning_2008_06-1  

Restoration Pruning_Branches, Stems, Roots 0711

Mike O’Ryza and the Case of the Vexing View 111020(1)

Retrench cherries morris arb aiello

Goodfellow Branch Failure demonstrates the increase in branch stability by small doses of reduction pruning.  Many subsequent studies by North American researchers further establish the effectiveness of reduction pruning.

RETRENCHING HOLLOW TREES FOR LIFE 131226 tcia is the handout from a 2013 talk on this topic.

Dankers Doug-fir mgt 1308


Taichung standard mandarin

Advanced Structural Pruning

pvw retrench

pruning collar dujesieffken

BS3998 Pruning 110830 Jon Kiely

Reduction Size Matters g&g 0711  Regeneration research

Pruning for Preservation 1106 AN speaks for itself!

AA Car Canopy  Restoring topped trees for a car dealer

Retrenchment Fay ITMP Neville Fay’s general look at planning for this type of work.  My approach is influenced by many arborists around the world, too many to list here.  Neville’s studies confirmed, supported and informed my work on veteran trees, for which I am most grateful.

TREE RISK MANAGEMENT  The resources below illustrate a comprehensive approach to managing veteran trees.            Complete assessments contain a comprehensive specification of management options, and expected results.        Delivering specifications enables informed decisions.

ISA CEU Basic Tree Risk Assessment complete  integrating assessment and management.

AREA 140801 is a poster presented at ISA International.

DD LLL 1406  is a story written to dramatise the assessment and management of one such tree.

Eiche_Ohio 131204   Dr. Frank Rinn’s look at the same tree

Global View of Trees and Risk (1)

Kvill Oak Report 140610 copy suggests some management options for the fattest oak in Europe.

US Champion White Oak 140320 looks at the largest Quercus alba in the US.

GFCA_Report_121018final-1.pdf  one more case study of prominent trees near Washington DC, US.  Both are gone now, victims of faulty consulting.

del tredici aging-and-rejuvenation-in-trees 1999

Mitigation or Death was an earlier look, published in advance of a talk at TCIA Expo.

Valuing Vets AA Aug-Sep 2014

usfs storm_tree_response 

usfs ice damage survey

ted green fungi, trees and pollards

Hollow tree sealing fay

Ancient Tree Guide

Tree Risk Management Form 130405

Read et al Arb Journal 2013

cass nutrient bed

mature tree management

Wessolly How hollow may a tree be

Swage research auf 2011

TCIA Biomechanics nov 2010

Tree Risk Management Form 130407


FUNGAL STRATEGIES OF WOOD DECAY IN TREES  A 2002 review in ISA’s Journal of Schwarze’s landmark work.

habitat creation

Cavity wildlife 2013 bunnell pnw

decay_ArbNews_2009_02  A look at detection devices

decay study finland

Ooze in the News from TCI Magazine 09-04 

Vines in Trees

Hazard & habitat2 NF

ted greenTREE_FODDER_97_2

ted green The_first_landscaper

ted green SoilReserves 1108

The Dynamic Forest Frans Vera

ted green Value of tree and shrubs to wildlife

Ted Green The_Wind_Doth_Blow_0705

Ted Green open-grown trees09

Value of Different Tree & Shrub Species for Wildlife – Ted Green

usfs decay 1998

Decay Boddy_and_Raynor_1983[1]

Japanese Tree Doctor Training Manual

IMMORTALITY OF TREES  Programmed to live indefinitely.

immortality del tredici 1999


immortality osnabruck

immortality torino 2004


Meilleur-PHC-CEU (1) Client relations and managing trees for health

Higher Education TCI March_07

AA EAC 1410

Lightning TCI 2007

LBG III Managing Stem-Girdling Roots1.doc

Detectives Guide to Report Writing 1008 AA

Metzger Historic Tree Collection Management 1501

Slater – The Failure of Forks



Author: Guy Meilleur


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