Ice Bending and Breaking Trees: How Low Can they Go?

 If the storm affects tree branches, a little googling will reveal excellent advice from NCSU: Be patient until the snow melts. There is little you can do to help trees right now. Trees and shrubs bent, but not broken, by the weight of snow and ice will often recover without special care.”
But sometimes trees do need care; more so if they are imbalanced by overpruning, or the loss of protection by surrounding trees.  Specified pruning to lower the height and spread of susceptible trees can help them weather the next storm.
This article was published by both the Tree Care Industry Association and the International Society of Arboriculture.  It was based on willow oaks, surviving the 2002 ice event that many may remember.
The tree featured here in 2008 lost over 70% of its crown 13 years ago, but is doing well today.  The “50% Rule” is extremely conservative.  All we are saying:  Give Trees a Chance!

Author: Guy Meilleur


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