Give Trees a Chance! Veteran Tree Care

After recent trainings in Singapore and Queensland, I was asked to share one of the presentations.  This 2014 webinar contains the same basic information, though the references to the US standard (recently revised with no incorporation of international standards and practices) are anachronistic.

 A CEU test on the material is also available.

“In the third session of The Canopy webinar series, consulting arborist Guy Meilleur discusses how decay in older trees can be managed by inspection, treatment and monitoring by following the German ZTV, TRAQ, and the ANSI A300 tree inspection standards. Meilleur also addresses techniques for advancing compartmentalization and documenting strength gain over time as trees adapt to their environment and management adapts to the trees.”

The Canopy: Valuing and Managing Veteran Trees from MSUES CTO – Distance Education on Vimeo.

Author: Guy Meilleur


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