Armillaria scavenging, Quercus regenerating.

Here’s a Quercus alba, Armillaria conks and mycelia rolling through the middle.

Got the call to refer a removal company. Wound up selling 1.5 hours root collar work and 2 hrs pruning. Told them the work was good for 10 years. Got paid in cash and got a nice dinner as well.

Columns grafting across the hollow in 2 locations. The fungus appears to be in scavenger mode; sapwood is largely intact. Fungi are considered beneficial associates, unless and until pathogenicity is demonstrated.
Pruned some girdling roots (the white root was from the nearby ash) and redirected others (buried and held down by bricks).

Got my tie-in point on the 2nd shot with the slingshot. While ascending, i noted that the branch my rope was around was long dead.
I’ll get an after shot of the crown soon.

tied into dead branch.
tied into dead branch.

Author: Guy Meilleur


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