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Cellon Oak - North Florida

Historic Tree Care measured this Florida State champion live oak at 87′ 9″ tall with a crown spread of 154′ and a trunk girth of 31′ 2″.

Historic Tree Care manages tree benefits, health, and risk.

Our arborists identify all reasonable options to manage tree conditions before specifying treatments.

Drawing from the German, UK, and US tree care standards, our specifications are aimed at minimizing liabilities while maximizing benefits. We often partner with local arborists and staff, who carry forward sustainable and affordable care.

We work with local experts on historic trees around the world: live oaks across Florida, post oaks at Andersonville Cemetery, and bur oaks near Lincoln’s home in Illinois are living proof.

Guy Meilleur ProfileWe use techniques old and new to carry out tree inspection, diagnosis, root invigoration, pruning, structural support, lightning protection, and health care services.

Head arborist Guy Meilleur (may-er’) has been providing commercial tree care since 1965, and consulting, testifying, and writing about arboriculture since 1982. Author of over 50 peer-reviewed articles, Guy seeks to record and practice good tree care with good arborists.

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